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Alleviate Pain, Avoid Extraction with Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is internally traumatized, we may recommend root canal therapy to save the tooth and eliminate discomfort. Your teeth have a hard outer shell (enamel), a secondary layer (dentin), and a soft inner core that contains the nerves (pulp). If a tooth sustains extensive damage, the pulp can die, which stimulates increased blood flow and creates pressure within the tooth. Infection can set in, and all of these components cause pain.

During a root canal, Dr. Hong or Dr. Lam will remove the diseased and/or damaged inner tissue, fill the canal with an inert substance, and seal the tooth to prevent future problems. Many people cringe at the idea of a root canal because they think it will cause pain. What most patients don't realize is that any discomfort they feel comes from the infection inside the tooth. After root canal therapy, patients generally feel better and experience only mild soreness, which over-the-counter analgesics will relieve.

You don't have to suffer any longer. Call now and schedule your appointment with Dr. Hong or Dr. Lam for root canal therapy. Our Westmont office serves patients from Downer's Grove, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, and the surrounding areas.

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