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Chronic Bad Breath? Your Dentist in Westmont Can Help!

April 6, 2018

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woman with bad breathWhen you open your mouth to speak or yawn, does a foul odor escape? Although it can be quite embarrassing, bad breath is a common problem. It is not unusual for an odor to develop after eating certain foods, like onions or garlic; however, for some, the issue can be ongoing. In fact, it is estimated at least 35% to 45% of adults suffer from chronic bad breath at some point. While it may seem like nothing can help to stop the smell, often the treatment is simple with the help of your dentist in Westmont.

Why Do I Have Bad Breath?

Most often, bad breath is the result of bacteria accumulations in the mouth. If you do not brush and floss correctly at home, it allows food particles and bacteria to accumulate. Over time, this can lead to bad breath. Correcting the issue can be as simple as changing your home oral hygiene habits. If that is not enough, you may have a larger underlying issue that requires care from your dentist.

Gum Disease: Gum disease results when bacteria that is found in tartar has lead to an infection in the gum tissue. This cannot only lead to bad breath, but the destruction of the supporting structures in your mouth. As a result, tooth loss can eventually occur. Thankfully, the infection can often be treated with quick intervention. Your dentist will perform a deep cleaning and create a customized treatment plan to restore your gum health.

Tooth Decay: Untreated tooth decay can eventually lead to odors. To stop the smell and to save your tooth, your dentist will remove the damage and apply a filling or a dental crown to restore the health of your tooth.

Dry Mouth: Medications and certain medical issues can often result in decreased saliva production. As your mouth becomes dry, it allows bacteria to thrive. The high levels will lead to bad breath. If this is the cause of your problem, a mouthrinse that caters to dry mouth will help to keep it moist to reduce bacteria levels.

Sinus Issues: Drainage from the sinuses into the throat can lead to dry mouth. In some cases, antihistamines can help to clear the drainage to relieve the problem.

Stop the Smell Today!

Often, improving your home oral hygiene habits are enough to stop the odor. In some cases, your dentist may often recommend the use of a special mouthrinse that helps to reduce bacteria to further combat the odor.

Dentist Near Me for Bad Breath

If you cannot get your bad breath to subside, it is time to see your dentist. They will pinpoint the cause of the smell to create a customized treatment plan.

About Dr. Jason Hong and Dr. Kathy Lam

Dr. Jason Hong and Dr. Kathy Lam are committed to delivering quality dental care in a welcoming environment. They provide personalized treatment plans to help their patients achieve optimal oral health. If you are battling bad breath, our office can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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